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The City of Biarritz

The notoriety of Biarritz, a small fishing village that became a seaside town known throughout the world, was born with sea bathing and the beginnings of thalassotherapy. Bidart, just next to Biarritz is located between Bayonne and Saint de Jean de Luz, Hendaye and Irun on the border with Spain. Close to Biarritz beach and city center: the Relais Fasthôtel Biarritz Bidart welcomes you to its quality economic hotel, on the vacation route, for your business trips and stopover evenings as well as for your surfing, golf, discovery of the hinterland, holidays and tourism in the Basque Country.

Biarritz Ocean
At the beginning of the 1960s, it also became the reference for surf culture in Europe. Born in Biarritz, surfing boosts its economy and punctuates the calendar of major competitions at the surf-art market during M.I.A.C.S in the spring. Golf is also a “national” sport in Biarritz and the region. Of course, rugby is king in the country of Biarritz Olympique Pays Basque. Mountain, outdoor sports and of course skiing in the Pyrenees also offer beautiful nature escapes. Leaving the coast, another world opens up, from caves that bear witness to prehistory to authentic territories in the hinterland. Basque conviviality always rhymes with a generous table and the beautiful products of its land and its mountains.

- The Cité de l'Océan in Biarritz: original contemporary architecture created by great architects welcoming 12 universes between science, environment and history of the oceans, from the origins of humanity to the preservation of biodiversity.

- The "Planète chocolat" museum in Biarritz: created by a master chocolatier from Biarritz, it brings together collections of utensils and equipment linked to the art of chocolate and offers gourmet workshops and activities!

Golf Biarritz, Ilbarritz - Bidart and Basque Country
The region is a paradise for golfers. There are 10 golf courses around Biarritz within a radius of around fifty kilometers! Close to your Fasthôtel Biarritz Bidart hotel is the Ilbarritz International Training Center with its 9-hole golf course, very affordable in terms of price. Take the opportunity to practice before tackling the 18 holes of the region's great greens and the prestigious Biarritz course.

September - Biarritz Cup, golf: since 1898, it is the oldest golf competition in France reserved for amateurs who play the tournament in very professional conditions. This high-level gathering welcomes an audience of more than 7,000 people and 500 participants each year.

Between Biarritz and Saint Jean de Luz: surfing and beaches!
The Atlantic coastline offers miles of oceanfront beach. Just next to Biarritz and before Saint Jean de Luz, in a more natural environment, the village of Bidart has retained its traditional character. Its beaches in the center, Ilbarritz, Royal Pavilion, Erretegia, Uhabia and Parlementia extend over 5 km and are a delight for surfers, wave lovers and families. At the Fasthôtel Biarritz Bidart, 5 minutes from the beaches of Bidart and Biarritz, you will find a quality and economical hotel to enjoy your weekends, getaways and holidays by the Ocean. (The Best Beach Hotels)

It was in Biarritz, the European capital of surfing, that the first waves were surfed at the end of the 1950s by an American, leading to the creation of the first French surf club in 1962. Since then, surfing culture has been part of the heritage of the region from Biarritz to Saint Jean de Luz. Among the major surfing competitions, in July, the "Roxy Pro", the women's longboard world championship, is unmissable! Surfing and board sports also generate dynamic economic activity and major surf brands like Quiksilver, Billabong, and Rip Curl are companies born in Biarritz and the region.

Art & surf: in spring, the M.I.A.C.S, International Art Market Dedicated to Surfing is a unique event dedicated to contemporary surf art. It brings together nearly fifty artists, sculptors, painters, photographers and graphic designers inspired by surf culture, from its gestures to its way of life. In the month of May, sometimes overlapping with June. Anglet International Surf Film Festival: every year, generally just before July 14, the best surf film is in competition.

Basque Country: terroirs and flavors
- Espelette pepper is emblematic of the region. It accompanies traditional recipes as well as the creations of young star chefs. It is also part of the landscape with its deep red which, as it dries in the open air, creates garlands on the facades of the houses in the village of Espelette.

- Hams and cold meats, the tastiest from Basque pork, are available in inns, markets and fairs dedicated to them. The famous sheep's cheese from the Pyrenees is enjoyed with black cherry jam from the village of Itxassou.

- Ossau-Iraty, the traditional sheep's milk cheese from the Basque Country and Béarn, has been recognized as an AOC since 1980 and as an AOP, Protected Designation of Origin since 1996, it comes from the ancestral know-how of the shepherds of the Pyrenees. A cheese route allows you to discover the producers.

- Chocolate, Bayonne's flagship specialty, is worked according to the rules of the art by artisans throughout the region as far as Biarritz.

Biarritz: parties and festivals
June: Les Casetas de Biarritz: from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m., these evenings open the season in around fifteen bars, bodegas and restaurants at the foot of the cliffs and on the beach around tapas. DJs on the decks, they continue in a very festive mode late into the night. 5 evenings in mid-June.

July - The Big Biarritz festival: rap, rock, electro, the programming reflects the trends of the French scene with headliners on summer tours. From 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.: a village on the Côte des Basques and after the concerts at the Aguilera Stadium and the Halle d'Iraty, "La big box" at the Casino Barrière in Biarritz. Mid-July, 4 days - 4 nights.

October - Biarritz Latin America Festival: long and short films, fiction and documentary films on the cinema side and also literature, a Latin American village, concerts... the Biarritz Festival entirely dedicated to cinema and Latin American culture For moviegoers End of September beginning of October, one week.

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