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Cookies and T&Cs

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

This website can store/install one or several cookies on your computer. For more information about cookies and those installed by this website, please refer to our cookie management policy. If you wish to prevent the creation of cookies, please visit the CNIL website/All About Cookies. Continuing onto the website www.fasthotel.com will be considered as authorisation for the installation of one or several cookies on your computer.

Main Policy

When you visit www.fasthotel.com, one or several cookies can be stored on your computer. Please read the following information concerning this and how to use them. Continuing onto the website www.fasthotel.com will be considered as authorisation for the installation of one or several cookies on your computer.

General Information about Cookies

What are cookies? When you visit an internet site, your browser sends a request to the website which then generally responds with a file which is read by the browser. In this type of exchange, the website cannot distinguish between the requests of one browser or another.

If you want your browser to be recognised and treated individually so that you can continue to receive the information according to your preferences without having to submit them every time you visit the page, the internet page must be able to identify your browser upon each request.

Therefore, when you visit the majority of internet sites, the browser will, at the request of the site, create a small text document called a cookie and save it on your computer. The file contains information (generally a random number) which identifies your browser on your computer in a unique way. This point of reference will then send a signal upon your next visit to the issuing website, in such a way that your browser will be recognised with all of your preferences already defined.

Why are cookies used?

Cookies are typically used for the reasons below:

  • To identify users who connect to a protected Internet site. This allows them to visit several pages without having to enter a username and password for each page.
  • To save the visitor’s preferences according to the content and format of the information which they would like to receive, in such a way that they don’t have to enter their preferences each time they visit a website.
  • To save the webpages which the user visits. This creates date that can be used in order to make improvements to the content of the site and site navigation.

How can we manage cookies?

You can delete cookies which are used by your browser at any time.

You can also set up your browser so that it does not save cookies which come from certain websites. By doing this, you will lose some functionality which cookies provide, within defined parameters. For more information regarding cookie management, go to the website.

Information about the cookies used by fasthotel.com

Fasthôtel only uses the cookie offered by the web analysis service Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool for analysis regarding how websites are used. Google Analytics cookies are used to register your behaviour on the website www.fasthotel.com, as well as the frequency of your visits and how many pages you view. More information can be found at http://www.google.com/analytics/.  Click here to disable Google Analytics > >