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Hoteliers – join us!

Join a “voluntary chain” today which allows hoteliers to keep their independence whilst benefiting from a group dynamic which enables them to innovate, make themselves stand out and to win over those customers who are increasingly sought after.

The Fasthôtel Dynamic

  • Have youowned a value-for-money hotel for a long time and want to give your establishment a new dynamic?
  • Are you about to buy a hotel and looking for an independent group so that you can benefit from the advantages of a hotel network, all whilst keeping your independence?
  • Are you looking for a business in hotels that offer value-for-money?


Hoteliers – come and join us!

Like you, we are business owners, independent hoteliers, and together we manage the Société Coopérative des Nouveaux Hôteliers (Society of New Hoteliers). Today, we represent almost 80 hotels in France. Every year we welcome new hoteliers, all whilst keeping the Fasthôtel values.

  • Together, we make decisions within the Board of Management.
  • Our president and the office members are all “Fasthôteliers” elected by the team, all of whom work voluntarily for the good of everyone.
  • Supported by a small management team, we integrate the new hoteliers that benefit from shared resources.


Strong points

  • • Internet and mobile internet – already a pioneer after the creation of its first Internet website, today Fasthôtel is present on the internet and on mobile internet in the simplest way possible, and adapted to every kind of screen our clients may have whether it be PC, Mac, laptops, tablets, smartphones, mobile phones, and in the future, connect TV screens.
  • We have an online reservation platform so that your clients can easily reserve rooms online and with their mobile phones.


Criteria to join the Fasthôtel group

  • Guarantee Internet access : we ask those hoteliers who wish to join our group to have the facilities for Fasthôtel clients to be able to connect to the Internet easily.
  • We ask you : to install at least 1 Internet station with free access either in your welcome area or lounge, as well as to have Wi-Fi access for all of your clients.
  • Your hotel should be new or have been recently renovated and have at least one shower and one toilet in each room. According to their location and level of comfort, the hotel will be classed as either a Fasthôtel or a Relais Fasthôtel.
  • We ask you to respect Fasthôtel’s criteria for quality : – a welcome, a smile, advice and impeccable hygiene provided by the careful maintenance and checking of cleaning in all rooms throughout the hotel, as well as areas accessed by customers and team members.
  • Overnight stay – to be able to offer this, your establishment should either be a hotel-restaurant, or have a partner restaurant close to the hotel which offers honest, quality food and offers evening meals at low cost.


Contact us!

By using our contact form! Thank you for your interest and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.